Buyer’s agent:
I find short sales, REOs, foreclosures and other good deals for my clients.  I have access to a special “wholesale” MLS of foreclosure properties that a team of individuals work full time updating.  I can put you in contact with people who can finance any property you’d like to purchase at the King County foreclosure auction.  They will meet you onsite with cashier’s checks in hand.

I also specialize in hunting out other deals which are sometimes much better than foreclosures since there is less competition.  I can find properties for you that may have extreme market times, desperate sellers or other situations where you can obtain a deep discount off of the asking price simply because no one else made an offer.

Listing Services:
I generally market new construction and vacant land although I’ve had success in nearly every other area as well including multifamily properties.  I have a few marketing approaches that make my services very unique.  For vacant land, I will often design a house that will fit the site and obtain computer renderings as part of my services.  Then I will market the property as a presale in addition to a vacant land listing.  This generally brings over 4 times the exposure since far more buyers are looking for homes instead of land.

My general marketing strategy is completely opposite of most other realtors.  Generally when you sign a listing agreement, an agent wants to make sure they have you tied into a 6-12 month contract in order to make sure they have sufficient time to sell it and aren’t wasting their marketing dollars only to have you pull the listing on them later.  I do everything month-to-month.  This does several things.  First off, it guarantees that I will speak with you and completely re-evaluate the status of the listing every month.  It ensures that your listing won’t go stale or get swept onto the back burner.  Next thing, it returns to the hot sheets.  Realtors searching for listings will see it as a new listing again.  Of course they can look at the cumulative days on the market and see that it’s re-listed but my technique puts your listing in their faces again.  Third, there are a large group of realtors that search expired listings for deals and for listings to solicit for themselves.  Often times, I’ve had a listing that will expire and suddenly realtors are calling me up asking, “Is that still for sale?  I have an interested buyer”.  It creates a certain sense of urgency when something they’ve been watching expires and disappears off the market.  Lastly, it allows you the opportunity to cancel my services if you are not satisfied with my performance.  While this is a rare event for me, it does happen and the sellers I work with usually appreciate the opportunity to discontinue my services amicably.  Generally this is when they want to give it a rest for a few months and then we’ll try again later with a fresh market and fresh group of buyers.


In addition to real estate services, I also offer photography services to other realtors.  The number one request on online listing services is “more pictures!”.  More pictures is not enough.  They need to be top quality pictures that paint the home in the best light.  I can make this happen for your listing just as I do for my own listings.  I charge $250-$500 depending on the size of the job.  For instance, a condo would be $250.  A standard house would be $350 and a large 4000-6000 square foot home would be around $500. See http://www.geordyrostad.com for examples of my photography work.

Experienced real estate broker with 18+ years experience in the real estate industry. Additionally, I bring extensive knowledge as a general contractor, working in the field since 1975.

My diverse real estate endeavors include all types of properties such as short sales, bank owned, multi-family, commercial leases, rentals, new construction and condos. I am always available for my clients at a moment’s notice to ensure a smooth real estate transaction.  You can visit my website at www.richrostad.com to learn more about the services I offer.

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