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Seattle Crime map now available

June 30th, 2010 No comments

Here is an excellent way to pick and chose where you would like to live in Seattle if crime is high on your list of concerns. Take a look at the map. Some of the results may surprise you regarding where the crimes are actually taking place. The map was running a little slow for me. I’m guessing the city didn’t plan for the high demand of such a page. Here is the link to the map.  Here is another blog with more information.

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Geordy Rostad invited to contribute to Geek Estate Blog

May 26th, 2009 No comments

I have recently been invited to contribute to Zillow‘s own Geek Estate Blog.  The topic is internet marketing by tech savvy real estate agents and they thought I would be a good fit.  I am adding a feed to the sidebar on Rostad Realty that will allow you to follow my activity on the Geek Estate Blog.  If you want to see ALL of my posts, click here for my Geek Estate Blog profile.  I urge you to check it out since it will give you some insight on the way I do business and some of the various techniques I use to market properties for our clients.  I’m always trying out new methods and technology as well so check back often because the lansdscape of internet marketing is constantly changing.

Meeting Zillow face to face

May 22nd, 2009 1 comment
Geordy Rostad, SamDeBord, Geordie Romer & Sunnyview (left to right)

Geordy Rostad, SamDeBord, Geordie Romer & Sunnyview (left to right)

I was invited to join the team from Zillow for lunch on May 14, 2009.  I had no idea what to expect.  For the couple of weeks prior to lunch I wondered if I was the only one they invited or whether they had invited every real estate professional in the area they could get their hands on.  I had a suspicion they would invite Sam DeBord.  He is another agent who is extrememly active on the Zillow discussion forums.  I had assumed that is where they culled their guests from.  The surprise came when I showed up and met Geordie Romer in person.  He is not overly active on the discussion forums because Leavenworth, WA, his area of expertise, has no Zestimates yet even(At the meeting, it sounded like they were coming though).  Geordie had met Spencer Rascoff at a REBar meeting and had a bit of an idenity mixup.  Spencer had put us in contact because we both have a unique(so I thought) name and we both work at Windermere.  Lastly, but certainly not least, Zillow invited Sunnyview, a helpful non-professional Zillow user with over 7600 postings to date.  She does this purely for the love of real estate and helping people out.

Our meeting started with Spencer introducing us to at least 10 Zillow gurus who would soon be picking our brains for our perspective of Zillow.  He prefaced the meeting with, “we have no specific outline for this meeting”.  Nevertheless, I think it was a mutually beneficial meeting of the minds.  I gained a bit more insight about where Zillow is planning to end up and thought seriously about new ways to integrate their tools into my arsenal.  They gained some great suggestions from the four of us which I hope they implement soon.  (I understand if it takes a bit guys, the list was long)  The bonus was that I met several people face to face that I had cooresponded online with in the prior months.  This can be a rare opportunity nowadays.

Thanks for lunch!

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