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Geordy Rostad is now a Certified Short-Sale Professional


We have been on both sides of short sale transactions over the years.  Even in 2005 we sold a short sale property in the midst of a hot market.  Home owner’s situations are always subject to change.  This doesn’t mean that they are liars or bad people because they cannot pay their mortgage.  It’s nothing to feel bad about.  It is simply a problem that needs to be solved with some professional guidance.

In the interest of being able to better serve our clients, I have obtained my Certified Short-sale Professional designation.  With this education, I feel that our chances of successfully closing a short sale has been further increased.  In the past, the ones we have done have been successful but this education further helps with the organization and presentation of cases for our clients to their lenders.

Along with this designation and certification, we are also launching a new plan for pre-foreclosure properties that will reduce market times of short sales and ultimately generate less hassle for short sale sellers.  Feel free to contact us for more details.

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